About Legend Corporation
Code of Conduct Statement

We are committed to realising our mission through our company values of safety, integrity, reliability, respect for our people, community and environment and commercial success as part of our company culture.

This code is a model of the behaviours' and work standards we will demonstrate to support the organizational purpose, values and culture. The code applies to all employees, including permanent, temporary, casual, part-time and contractors.

Safety | Integrity | Reliability | Respect | Commercial Success


We are involved in the promotion and improvement of workplace and community safety and we:

  • Ensure that the health, safety and welfare of customers, the public, co-workers and ourselves are not endangered as a result of our conduct at work.
  • Support consultation on OHS decisions throughout business, contribute to the development of OHS working practices and comply with OHS regulations, systems, policies and procedures.
  • Lead by example by undertaking OHS training, utilizing protective clothing and safety equipment as instructed to ensure regulations and compliance standards are met and reinforced within the workplace.
  • Co-operate with our efforts to meet our OHS obligations by reporting accidents, injuries, unsafe practices and environmentally harmful situations in the workplace immediately to our managers.
  • Perform our duties unimpaired by the consumption of alcohol or the use of other non prescription drugs.


We act with honesty, objectivity and transparency:

  • Deal justly with all issues and consistently manage conflicts of interest in an open and respectful manner.
  • Do not use our position to exert inappropriate influence over others.
  • Decline gifts or benefits which may be seen to compromise impartiality.
  • Ensure we have the necessary delegation to authorize expenditure or bind the company to any contract.
  • Do not make decisions for personal gain at the expense of the organization, or participate in outside employment where there is a conflict of interest.
  • Comply with the objectives and spirit of our policies, procedures, guidelines and relevant legislation.
  • Satisfactorily meet the requirements of your position and follow instructions that are reasonable and lawful and within your capability and training.
  • Be punctual, attend work as required in the contract of employment, and comply with the codes of practice and polices regarding employment as amended from time to time.
  • Act ethically and avoid actions that bring the organization into disrepute.
  • Do not participate in fraudulent conduct.
  • Consult with your supervisor on potential or actual conflicts of interest in order to resolve them.
  • Ensure all communication is carried out in an open and transparent manner.
  • Respect the privacy of customer and employee information.
  • Seek permission before disclosing confidential information or making official comment.
  • Provide access to information when required by law to assist other employees in their duties.
  • Do not misuse information obtained at work for person financial gain or for taking advantage of others.
  • Ensure only information for which we are authorized is accessed.


We have the skills and resources to ensure the delivery of responsive and effective service to our customers and our people and we:

  • Recognise and positively reinforce the behaviour outlined in the code.
  • Maintain responsibility and accountability for all work.
  • Act consistently to achieve efficiency and the required detail in all areas of work.
  • Work with others towards work goals and communicate regularly with one another about progress.
  • Look for ways to improve work methods and processes and to solve workplace problems.
  • Provide guidance and coaching to our staff and team.
  • Ensure appropriate training and development opportunities are provided and recognize results.
  • Contribute actively to our own professional growth by enthusiastically participating in all development opportunities provided.


We ensure the principles of consistency, acceptance and respect towards people, community and environment and we:

  • Contribute to a workplace of co-operation, trust and support for our people free from prejudice, harassment, victimization and bullying.
  • Respect diversity by treating others equally, irrespective of their gender, marital status, race, religion, age or sexual preference.
  • Do not use obscenities offensive language or display offensive material in our workplaces, vehicles or on a customer's premises.
  • Carefully and economically use our materials, facilities, funds, people and equipment for authorized purposes only.
  • Conserve and efficiently use resources through recycling, energy saving and waste minimization.
  • Minimize adverse environmental effects of our actions with a view to protecting the environment for future generations.
  • Act as a responsible neighbour in our community.

Commercial Success

We are committed to the growth of our business, the satisfaction of our customer and the development of our people and we:

  • Provide accurate information, prompt attention and observe fairness and equity when dealing with others.
  • Exceed customer expectations by tailoring products and services to deliver the best customer outcomes.
  • Ensure our appearance is appropriate for our job role.
  • Identify opportunities and take action to maximize shareholder value and organizational performance.
  • Maintain awareness of competing organizations and strengthen co-operation between management and employees to improve our market position.
  • Encourage excellence and innovation in processes, products and services.