Hendon Semiconductors designs and manufactures Unique Integrated Circuits (ICs), Thick Film Hybrids and printed Circuit Board Module assemblies. Products manufactured include a wide range of linear ICs, medical, automotive, consumer electrical, street light control, light activated heavy duty switching, timer switches and dimmers. Design experience covers a wide range of techniques and applications including mains control and switching, LED driver circuits, two wire bus systems, temperature control, telecoms line products, micro power supplies, motor control and domestic lighting control. Products and Services:

  • Design and Manufacture of Unique Integrated Circuits (ICs)
  • Design and Manufacture of Think Film Hybrids
  • Design and Manufacture of Mains Control and Switching applications
  • Design and Manufacture of Heavy Duty Lighting Control products
  • Design and Manufacture of Domestic Lighting Control products
  • Life test of Electronic Assemblies.